Struggling To Find Your Perfect Brush?

Because using the right brush can be a total game-changer.

To get gorgeous hair you need to use the right tools… starting with the right brush. Since different brushes serve different purposes, we thought we’d give you a quick intro to our proprietary line of hair brushes and explain what each one does. Designed by stylists for stylists, you can find these professional-grade brushes online.

A small round brush:
This small round brush has the same high heat resistance, but the smaller circumference is a better choice for short to medium hair. It’s also an absolute must for creating glamorous waves and curls with more lift at the roots.

A large or medium round brush:
Looking for a blowout with serious volume and some curl? Then you need a round brush! Round brushes come in different sizes: the larger the brush, the looser the curl; the smaller the brush, the tighter the curl. These brushes are designed for high heat resistance and have synthetic bristles that move through hair quickly as they gently detangle. Perfect for giving great volume to medium to long hair, wrap hair around the barrel of the brush to create shiny, bouncy curls.

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