Products And Tips To Achieve The Best Curls!

The time to embrace your curls and waves is here!  Curly girls are having their hair envy moment, but as many of you know, your curls seems to have a mind of their own! We’ve got the latest tips and innovative hair care and styling product recommendations to help you get healthy looking locks!

Dos & Don’ts

There are some basic rules to get the best result possible from Redken:


  • Understand the product is not an option, it’s a necessity!
  • Apply product properly- make sure you section your hair, start at the bottom and layer the product to the top.
  • Deep Condition once a week- this is essential for healthy, happy curls!
  • Limit heat applies to your hair- heat pulls out moisture and causes damage/breakage.


  • Shampoo hair daily- this can lead to loss of moisture and the dreaded frizz!
  • Dry curls with a towel- this ruffles up the cuticle causing frizz.  Use a microfiber towel or t-shirt instead.
  • Brush or comb curls- only exception is when wet, with a conditioner/detangler and start from the bottom by working your way to the root.
  • Over-handle dry curls- touching dry curls leads to frizz.

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