Beat the Heat: Summer Hair Care

We can’t believe it but summer is just around the corner! With everything that’s happened this first half of the year, we’re so excited for the temperatures to warm up so we can spend more time outside. However, the changing season and hotter weather can bring with it some unwanted damage to your hair. Your hair care routine needs to change every few months to help your locks adjust to the new season and summer is no different! We don’t want you to miss out on the summer fun though so why we’ve listed out our favorite summer hair care tips.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking enough water is something you should do all year long but it’s especially important when the hot weather leaves you more dehydrated. It’s no surprise that water is great for your overall health but did you know that it can also give your hair amazing benefits? Drinking enough water helps your scalp stay hydrated which can lead to fewer split ends, faster-growing locks, and even hydrate your hair to make it look shinier! Remember not to just drink when you feel thirsty but throughout the entire day.

Limit Shampoo and Increase Conditioner

We’ve all heard to not wash our hair every day because too much shampoo can strip away those essential oils your hair needs. Well, that might be harder to do in summer. If you sweat more during the summer and you want to keep up your hygiene without sacrificing your hair’s oils, just take more showers where you only apply conditioner. While you should only shampoo around every 3-4 days, conditioner is great for everyday use. Conditioner not only helps your hair look shiny and gives it more moisture but it also acts as a protective barrier against future damage.

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